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Bo Tree Pty Ltd T/A Bo Tree Counselling

ABN: 61 666 281 394

Booking & Cancellation Policy


  • Appointments & Cancellation Policy

Appointments last for 50 minutes (Except the 1st session of Couples Counselling which lasts for 80 minutes)

Please note that once an appointment is scheduled, we strictly require at least 2 FULL business days (48 hours) notice of any changes to appointments.

The session's FULL fee will be charged if any changes or cancellations are made without the required notice.

  • Confidentiality

All information disclosed in counselling is strictly confidential unless the following situations arise. These situations are unusual in our practice. If these situations occur, we will make every effort to discuss it with you before taking any action:

- If there is a significant and immediate risk of harm to yourself or someone else, we may be required to disclose information to another party to keep you and/or another person safe.

- If information is subpoenaed by a court of law, we will be required to disclose the specific information required by the court.

- If you give us permission to disclose information to a third party (i.e. GP, psychiatrist, other health professionals, family members).

  • Record Keeping

Recording personal information and taking notes enables us to maintain an informed, best- practice approach to counselling. Your information will be protected in two ways; in a file that will be only accessible to Bo Tree Counselling and in the HALAXY medical platform with all records stored securely for 7 years, in line with ethical and legal standards. After this time, the information will be destroyed in a confidential manner. At any time, you are legally entitled to have access to your personal information kept on file. Please email us if you would like to obtain this information.

  • Billing and Payments

- Adults Counselling session: In-clinic $160 | Telehealth $160 | Home Visit $200 + Travel*

- Relationship/Couples Counselling (1st session): In-clinic $200 | Telehealth $200

- Relationship/Couples Counselling (returning sessions): In-clinic $160| Telehealth $160
- Older Adults Counselling: In-clinic $160 | Telehealth $160 | Home Visit $200 + Travel

- NDIS Counselling session:  In-clinic $156.16 | Telehealth $156.16 | Home Visit $156.16 + Travel*

 *Travel: $1 per 1km from our main location at 53, Barrabool Road, Highton VIC 3216.

Appointments with Bo Tree Counselling are not covered under a mental health treatment plan. We can communicate with your GP regarding your treatment but you don't receive a rebate.

The appointment fee is payable on the day of your appointment.

  • Medicare Rebates

Bo Tree Counselling does not accept bulk billing as we are a private billing practice. Furthermore, counsellors are not covered under Medicare in Australia. Our clients can contact us directly and self-refer for any counselling services we offer.

  • Client Rights

We pride ourselves on inclusive, transparent services and want you to feel comfortable understanding and applying your rights as a client:
- You have the right to be treated with respect, without discrimination and to actively participate in therapeutic decisions.
- You may choose to continue or withdraw from counselling at any time; however, we encourage you to discuss this with us first to provide closure for the therapeutic relationship
- You may pursue a complaint regarding the provision of services, confident in knowing that we will respond with care to resolving the issue. If necessary, any unresolved complaint can be referred to the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC).


  • Counsellor Competency

Each of our counsellors have completed postgraduate studies in counselling and are registered counsellors with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). We engage in regular supervision and are passionate about strengthening our skills and training with ongoing professional development to deliver the highest level of care.

Last updated: 28/05/2023

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