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Relationship (Couples) Counselling - Returning Session


50 minutes

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Counselling sessions in person and online

At Bo Tree Counselling, we specialise in relationship, marriage and couples counselling, providing a supportive and professional space for couples to address their concerns and strengthen their bond. Our counselling services are designed to help couples navigate the complexities of relationships and work towards healthier and more fulfilling connections.

We offer our services at convenient locations, including Symetri in Highton and Golden Plains Medical Centre in Bannockburn, ensuring accessibility and comfort for our clients. You have the flexibility to choose from multiple options that suit your preferences and circumstances. In-room counselling is available, where we create a safe and confidential environment for open and constructive discussions. Alternatively, we offer Telehealth services, allowing couples to engage in counselling from the comfort of their own space.

Our relationship and couples counselling approach is grounded in a holistic perspective using Gottman Couples Therapy; utilising evidence-based practices and emphasising client-centred therapy. We address a wide range of issues that can impact relationships, including communication difficulties, conflicts, trust issues, intimacy challenges, and more. Our experienced therapists work collaboratively with couples, providing guidance and tools to enhance their emotional connection, strengthen their communication, and promote overall relationship satisfaction.

At Bo Tree Counselling, we understand the importance of healthy and fulfilling relationships. Our compassionate counsellors are committed to supporting couples in their journey towards a more harmonious and meaningful partnership. Through personalised counselling sessions, we strive to help couples build stronger foundations, navigate challenges, and foster long-lasting happiness together.

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