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Youth & Adolescents Counselling


50 minutes

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Counselling sessions in person and online

Bo Tree Counselling is dedicated to providing specialised counselling services for youth and adolescents, with a focus on supporting the entire family. Our locations include Symetri in Highton and Golden Plains Medical Centre in Bannockburn.

We understand the unique challenges faced by young individuals and their families, which is why we offer flexible options to suit their needs. You can choose in-room counselling at our well-appointed facilities, creating a safe and confidential space for therapy sessions. Additionally, we provide Telehealth services, allowing for convenient access to counselling support online.

At Bo Tree Counselling, we believe in a holistic approach to counselling, utilising client-centred therapy. We address a range of mental health issues commonly experienced by youth and adolescents, including grief, anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, and the unique concern we have noticed—aging anxiety.

We recognise the importance of family dynamics in the well-being of young individuals. Our counsellors work closely with both the youth and their families, fostering open communication and understanding. We provide a supportive environment where everyone feels heard, validated, and empowered to work towards positive change and growth.

Choose Bo Tree Counselling for comprehensive and holistic youth and adolescents counselling services. We are committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of young individuals and their families, helping them navigate challenges, build resilience, and foster stronger family relationships.

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